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Reasons to shop with us


    You want the freshest ingredients

    We make sure you only get the best quality and the best

    sale by date.

    We pack everything with care, making sure

    that everything gets to you

    in perfect condition.


    You want to minimise your food waste

    We don't sell thing by bag or kg and there really is no minimum quantity. If you only want 100g of this or 200g of that, no problem. We don't order more that what we have to either so nothing gets wasted.


    You are on a journey to no plastic living

    Well, so are we!

    We get most of our

    fruit and vegetables loose and we only use paper bags or biodegradable or recyclable packaging and only if

    we have to.


    You prefer your food to be produced or sourced locally

    We try to use as many local producers as possible and all our suppliers are also in and around London.

    We are also hoping to source more and more SE London produce.


    You are busy with work, family friend and don't want to waste time in the supermarket queues

    We deliver safely in all SE London postcodes, Mon to Sat.

    Our deliveries

    are free (£30 minimum order) 

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